Meetings and Events trace the path of life

Francesco Gurnari is born in Calabria , Italy in March 1963. In 1970 his 
emigrate to Switzerland. He grew up and spent his adolescence in the Upper
Valais where he accomplished is apprenticeship as painter in the construction.
1983 he moved to Lausanne where he work firstly as an employee then as an
independent painter. During his different encounter, he met Beatrice Cènci
who invited him to enter her studio in 1984, at that time he becomes her pupil.
There he realizes the dream of his 12 years,he become a restorer of
ancient painting.

In 1986, motivated by Beatrice Cènci, he takes lessons at the " Institut
d 'Art Palazzo Spinelli" in Florence. Back in Switzerland, he is in charge
of the internal renovation of the Castle "Château d'En Bas" in Mex (VD) and
of the restoration of its painting in the studio of Miss Cènci.

In 1990, he feels strong enough to fly by himself, that's why he stop is
painter activity in the construction and devote himself to painting and art
restoration in various private and public places.

Always looking to learn more he begin in 1995/96 to study in
the "Institut Supérieur de Peinture Décorative" and in
follow courses in ''l'Atelier Pompon'' in Sarlat (painter in the style of « old masters»).
At his return he has the opportunity and achieved major restorations as
of the restoration of painting's of Room Sandoz in the luxury hotel Beau
Rivage in Lausanne and the decoration of the hotel Riffelalp in Zermatt.

At the end of 2009, Francesco Gurnari feels the need to not have to prove
to anyone what he is and assume its need to create and autonomy.